Timberland management is a complex undertaking in today's world of changing technology, government regulations and foreign log markets. The log market is resurging after the financial crisis and landowners naturally want to take advantage of strong log prices. But landowners need to focus on net returns. Without professional and sound management, those high prices can evaporate due to poor market timing, high logging costs, the lack of quality control and government intervention. Timberlands should be managed by professional foresters. The larger landowners are keenly aware of this.  Large industrial timberland owners and state government maintain a professional forestry staff for these reasons. Institutional investors typically hire consultants, such as PFC, to manage their lands. But all too often we see small landowners trying to manage harvest operations on their own.  Making a deal directly with a logger to harvest and market timber is one of the most serious mistakes we see on a routine basis.  The landowner needs an advocate to protect his or her's interest. With guidance the small landowner can achieve good results in silvicultural management but timber harvesting and log marketing should be left to professionals.
  At PFC, we can provide an appraisal of timber value, navigate through the government regulations and find the highest return for the landowners timber. We provide the necessary quality control, hire competent insured and bonded contractors, ensure that the land asset will continue to be productive for years to come, and manage all aspects of selling standing timber or delivered logs.

Timberland Management 

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